Best Cruise Foods for an Energy Boost

Food. It fuels our bodies to perform daily activities. Since cruise vacations are fun-packed with activities, both onboard and in destinations, you may need an energy boost to keep up from time to time.

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or sustained energy for your vacation’s daily happenings, cruise ships provide many healthy options throughout the day. Here’s a list of cruise foods that will boost your energy and get you ready for fun days ahead:


Fatty fish: Packed with omega fatty acids, salmon and tuna are delicious sources of lean protein. They boost your energy levels by reducing inflammation in the body, a common cause of fatigue. To get the most of it, choose wild-caught salmon, which has more D and B12 vitamins than the farm-raised alternative.

Feta cheese: Made from sheep’s milk or by combining it with goat’s milk, feta cheese packs B12 vitamin, and contains probiotics and minerals such as iron and magnesium. Sprinkle it over salads and omelets, stuff it in sandwiches and pastries, or add it to your cheese table.

Eggs: According to WebMD, “eggs contain the highest value for protein”, along with milk. Besides being a popular source of protein, eggs contain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which fill up your stomach and sustain your energy level. To maintain its nutritional value, it is best to consume it boiled.

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Nuts and Seeds

A handful of nuts and seeds packs enough nutrients to provide an energy boost before a demanding activity such as a long walk or a more intense workout. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are popular choices you are likely to find in the buffet.


Oranges: Every breakfast commercial ever features a glass of orange juice for good reason. Antioxidant compounds found in oranges help battle fatigue and aging. Drink up or grab one to go!

Apples and bananas: These are phenomenal sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. While bananas provide a quick boost of energy, apples deliver it slowly and continuously. Combining them throughout the day will keep you energized and full.


Everyone knows leafy greens are good for your body. Spinach, kale, cabbage and broccoli are crammed with vitamins and minerals, iron among them. Iron is responsible for delivering oxygen to the cells, preventing fatigue. Listen to your mom and eat your greens!


Oatmeal: Starting the day off with hot oatmeal should give you enough energy to last until lunchtime. This whole grain cereal is another good source of iron, manganese and vitamins that promotes energy production. Plus, it is good for heart health. Try it also in cookies, bread or granola.

Beans: Beans deliver nutrition in all sizes, colors and shapes. Its fiber and antioxidants keep you fuller longer and help fight inflammation while promoting energy. Best sources include black and red kidney beans.

All these food choices contain antioxidants, vitamins (especially B12), minerals (particularly iron), and fatty acids. They are all-around nutritious and will fulfill your energy needs without crashing later. Eat smart!

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