Holiday Cruise

5 Essential Tips for Planning a Holiday Cruise

The holidays are a wonderful time to set sail. Many cruise lines offer special events and activities while onboard. You may feel a bit of the “holiday rush,” but don’t worry. Here are a few things to do before booking your trip.

Plan Your Cruise Early

If you are thinking about a last minute holiday cruise for this year, you will want to start working fast. Many cabins and cruises have filled up for the season. You may get lucky and find one at a discounted rate. For the most part, you need to think about planning next year’s holiday cruise and this is the time to do it. Most major cruise lines have their 2019 itinerary released and ready for you to book. You want to book as early as possible for the best rates and cabin selections.

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Book Through a Travel Agent

Traveling during the holiday season is very popular. It can be stressful to book a big vacation all by yourself. You want to find a travel agent who specializes in cruise travel packages. These agencies know the ins and outs of the business. They can help you book excursions and specialty dining on top of your cabin. If the prices go down, your agent is usually the first person notified. You may even find a few extra perks in your cabin as well. Some travel agencies may even cover your gratuity costs or give you an onboard credit.

Do Not Bundle Your Airfare

Bundled packages may seem like a great idea, but they cost you more money in the long run. You should always be shopping for the best rates on airfare either with your travel agent or on your own. Don’t be afraid to use on online airline price tool in your search. You can compare several different airlines and pick the best one for your budget. Airlines also have the lowest rates when you book with them directly.

Pre-Book Your Activities and Dining

Planning in advance can save you a lot of headaches down the road. You may even save some money as well. Some cruise lines offer pre-cruise deals on food or activity packages. You may even find a deal for other amenities such as Wi-Fi or drinks at a significant discount. Pre-booking also gives you the opportunity to reserve a spot on the most sought-after activities and dining locations too.

Book Excursions in Advance

You want to act fast to book those shore excursions. These tours and activities can fill up fast. If you are looking to save a little money, consider booking with a third party tour provider. They can get you the lower rates for the same activities. Cruise lines will charge more for the convenience of booking through them. You can search other websites and forums to find a reputable company to handle your excursion.

With these tips, you can ensure that your family has a smooth sailing without any hassles. Don’t be afraid to book a cabin for a unique way to spend the holidays.