Top 7 Things People Always Forget to Pack

The excited feeling of getting to go on vacation is something to be looked forward to; the day is finally here. All of the suitcases are packed, directions to the port are in-hand, passports and boarding passes are – wait, where are they?!? As that horrible sinking feeling of when you realize you forgot something while on vacation. The sense of dread and failure is real, as is the moment of complete relief when you find that yes, you did pack the passports and boarding passes. But what are those things that most people forget to pack? If it is the little things that count, then surely these top seven things that people forget to pack will always be on your next packing list.

1. Extra medicines

Whether it is heartburn medication, blood pressure, or diabetic pills, medications are the top thing that people forget to pack. Vacations are meant to last a certain number of days, but what happens if the cruise goes over with an accident or breakdown? Always take 4-5 days of extra medications just to be on the safe side.

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2. Lip Balm and Lotion

These handy items are often stored in a purse or work-bag, but typically, most people don’t carry their work-bag while on vacation. Good handwashing and drier air can cause dryness, and of course, all that extra alcohol that you might be consuming on vacation is also going to dry you out. So moisturize those hands and lips!

3. Band-Aids and First-Aid Kit

Want to see sticker shock? Ask for a band-aid. No worries, the cruise ship will sell you a small pack at a 500% upcharge. To avoid this, pack a small ziplock bag of a few band-aids, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, and wound cleanser. A mini first-aid kit from Walmart works well too.

4. Small Fan or Noise Machine

Noisy neighbors and running-in-the-halls children noises can be drowned out with a small fan or white-noise machine. Handy white-noise apps on your smartphone can also be used in a pinch.

5. A Belt

Want to see your partner glare at you when they are dressing for the elegant night – it’s simple. Just forget the matching belt for their formal outfit. *Hint* Don’t do it, just pack the belt.

6. Extra Underwear

You may be chuckling when you read this because most people pack way too much underwear. But if you have children, they typically use three pairs of underwear per day (unless they re-wear underwear!) Amongst starting the day, then changing for the beach, back to play clothes, then showering for dinner, swimming in the pool before bedtime, and another quick shower before bed. Yes, you definitely need to pack more underwear.

7. Calmness

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but they can be anything but calm. So take a few moments while packing to set an intention to find moments of calmness and relaxation every day. By doing this, you are sure to enjoy the time away.