Turks and Caicos

4 Reasons Why Grand Turk Will Be Your Favorite Caribbean Cruise Port

Could it be that an island less than seven miles long could be your favorite stop in the Caribbean? This little strip of land known as Grand Turk is a quiet port filled with the perfect mix of relaxation, shopping, swimming, and most importantly, awesome pictures of the ship that you can send back to your family and share about your great day.

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The beach is 390 feet from the ship

Read: No taxis! This short distance means you can get to the beach quickly. This little detail may not seem like very much, but parents with small children can easily access the beach while carrying the all-important beach bags. Those with wheelchairs and disability concerns will also be able to make the short trek across with little difficulty.

The swimming area offers plenty of space to splash around or practice your snorkeling. Inflatables and mats are available for rent at a conveniently located shop.

Most importantly, the beach is situated directly in front of the ship. This spot is the perfect-picture place to get that fun family portrait or maybe a background for your Facebook page. Whichever you choose, the picture is impossible to mess up. So go ahead, take five or 20.

2. The whole island is stress-free

Nothing can spoil a beach vacation like bossy vendors and people constantly trying to sell you more items at the beach. Grand Turk offers hundreds of free lounge chairs on a first-come, first served basis. Occasionally, vendors will come up and down the area, but they are friendly and if you don’t want anything they will keep walking past you.

A nice beachfront massage is also a great way to relax. Get rid of those painful knots while enjoying some Caribbean luxury.

3. Local Shopping Vendors

After visiting four or five cruise ports, you might think that each port has all the same items for sale. Grand Turk is different. There is a large covered area that local vendors come and sell homemade products. You can get jams & jellies, fire sauces, necklaces, hats, and scented bath products. The vendors here are low-stress too; they aren’t yelling at you or make you feel bad if you are “just looking.”

Other unique shopping options include a mini art gallery and custom designed women’s beachwear. These clothes are not the gauzy t-shirt variety, but flowy dresses and swimsuit cover-ups. Guaranteed to be a perfect addition to your cruise wardrobe.

4. Free WiFi

Yes, you came on vacation to get away from the busy, hectic life. But sometimes, you just need to get your social media fix for a few minutes. Two of the shops in Grand Turk, Margaritaville and Froots Smoothies, offer free WiFi. At last visit, Froots did not require a purchase to use their wifi, but in the heat of the day, the delicious fruit drinks they offer are worth it. Margaritaville also offers the Caribbean’s largest swimming pool, so don’t hesitate to dive in!

The Caribbean has no shortage of incredible islands, but if you get the chance to check out Grand Turk, you won’t want to miss it!

Johanna G.