Wilderness Found: Discovering Cunard’s Alaska

Few places in this world are truly wild thanks to man’s continual reach, yet the wilderness of Alaska remains pristine and ripe for exploration. From towering glaciers glimmering in the sunlight to a mother bear teaching her cubs the finer points of salmon fishing, life thrives without constraint. 

Leave the world of stress and commitments behind during the adventure of a lifetime and feel the rush of empowerment which accompanies immersion within such an untamed land. Your journey to Alaska with Cunard is 10 days of unparalleled adventure, refined luxury and the opportunity to step outside the ordinary into something unequivocally extraordinary.

Alaska, By Cunard

Aboard Queen Elizabeth®, passengers revel in views which seem only possible in the realm of the imagination. From your private balcony on board the ship, each new fjord and passing mountainside feels larger than life. Even a ship as stately as Queen Elizabeth can feel dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of the landscape through which she sails. There are more than 140 unique shore excursions like whale watching from a catamaran at Stephens Passage, a dogsled adventure which includes a helicopter over lush rainforests, alpine ridges and glacier-carved peaks only visible from the air and many more. Each adventure brings guests closer to nature at its most untamed for a truly eye-opening experience. Roundtrips from Vancouver offer unparalleled convenience and guests have more time to spend in these incredible Alaska ports of call.

One of the pre- or post-cruise excursions takes passengers on a once-in-a-lifetime three-to-five-night tour from Calgary to Vancouver by rail aboard the Rocky Mountaineer train among massive glaciers, snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, over mountain passes and through winding tunnels, along picturesque lake shores and across the ranch lands of the interior.


Queen Elizabeth Balcony Stateroom

A tidewater sheet of ice more than six miles wide, Hubbard Glacier’s icy descent into Yakutat Bay from high up in the mountains inspires and delights. As does floating past the colossal sloping walls which encapsulate Tracy Arm Fjord. Each location is rife with the sights and sounds of a land far removed from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Nature, flourishing as intended, is waiting for you.

Alaska, by Cunard

Sawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord

Quaint port towns like Ketchikan and Skagway rest on the fringe of civilization but the forefront of adventure. Excursions challenging your sense of wanderlust come in many forms, all offering personal enrichment not found aboard just any cruise vacation. Placed on the map by the gold rush of the late 19th century, these towns are steeped in history and serve as the jumping off point into the wilderness beyond.

Exploring the Wilderness in Comfort and Style


Aboard Queen Elizabeth, dining is an experience

Awe-inspiring sights give way to unmatched comfort and luxury as your adventure with Cunard moves at your pace. You will choose from an array of notable restaurants, bars and lounges, each exuding the Cunard commitment to sophistication and elegance. Inspired by the flora and fauna of the region, passengers embark on a culinary journey which stimulates the senses.

Enjoy the evening entertainment or relax in the spa after a day filled to the brim with exploration and discovery. An out-of-the-ordinary vacation in every sense, cruising Alaska with Cunard offers the freedom to make your trip unique and truly your own. No matter what your vision of Alaska looks like, the dream turns to reality when you sail with Cunard.

Alaska is so much more than meets the eye. Full immersion into the wonder of this breathtaking part of the world on board Queen Elizabeth means enjoying captivating lectures about the wildlife, geography and history of the state. Guests learn about time-honored tradition from local musicians, lumberjacks and chefs. Take advantage of the first-class Alaska-inspired cuisine prepared by the best. 


The majestic Queen Elizabeth

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