Travel Agent

What Do Travel Agents Do?

In the time before high speed internet and the Travel Channel, planning a vacation required a master of all things travel, aka travel agents. Today, it’s easy to research locations, book flights, find 5-star hotels and more using the device you’re probably reading this on now. Back then, a travel agent was the only one you could trust to find you the perfect vacation. You could tell them what you wanted in a vacation, even something as simple as ‘beach’ or ‘skiing’, and they’d do all the work for you. What do travel agents do now that people can plan their own vacations? A whole lot more than you think! Especially in the cruise industry, where planning the perfect trip isn’t always easy.

Flight Delays/Cancellations

They aren’t called “sit around agents” so it makes sense that the area where they come most in handy is during travel. Flight delays or cancellations are just part of a normal day at some of America’s busiest airports. From weather to mechanical issues, flights may leave late or not at all, and that can be a big problem if you’re trying to make it to the ship on time. Travel agents have better skills than you when it comes to getting airlines on the phone and finding you a new itinerary to remedy the delays or cancellations. When you’re on vacation, that’s the last thing you want to do anyway!

Travel Agents Get the Best Deals

You could spend hours on the computer scouring the web for the absolute best deals on your flights, your cruise and your shore excursions, or you could kick your feet up and watch Netflix while a travel agent does all that for you. Which option sounds better? Travel agents know the lay of the land when it comes to saving money on a vacation, trust them! You might find a good deal, but chances are they can find a great deal. Cruise vacations in particular can be a great way to snag a deal as ships are always looking to fill up the rooms before embarkation. A travel agent can keep up with all the latest and greatest deals and let you know when the price is right.

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So, you may think you’ve got this whole vacation thing under control, but it always helps to call in the professionals!

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