WiFi Hotspot Vending Machine Helps Keep Miami Connected

Staying connected is hugely important these days. A strong wifi connection is right up there with food, water and shelter in terms of things that are necessary for survival. Skyroam, a global provider of WiFi, is helping travelers to and from Miami stay connected at the airport through “grab-and-go” personal WiFi hotspot vending machines.

If that sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, welcome to the future! Miami International Airport, which sees an astounding 44 million passengers each year, is one of the first in the country to offer the service.

How Can You Get WiFi from a Vending Machine?

Skyroam WiFi Vending Machine

Skyroam WiFi Vending Machine | Photo: Skyroam

The vending machines dispense the hotspots, so small they fit in your hand, along with a variety of other essential travel gear like power banks, travel adapters and more. The hotspots work globally so no matter where you’re headed, you can stay connected to your friends, family or work. Travelers have the option to buy or rent the equipment, adding to the convenience.

Skyroam’s CEO, Jing Liu, saw vending machines as an excellent way to offer their products to customers because it’s something people are familiar with.

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“Vending machines traditionally sold water and snacks, but today WiFi is just as much of a necessity,” he said. “Skyroam’s vending machines ensure that travelers stay seamlessly connected with a cost effective alternative to crazy international roaming fees. Our mission is to allow for global connectivity for you and your travel companions no matter where you are in the world.”

Skyroam Makes Staying Connected Easier

Airports are the ideal place for the vending machines, but it’s a practical service which could expand to any number of travel hubs like cruise port terminals, train stations or even on the ground in major cities. The need to be connected isn’t going to subside any time soon, in fact, it’s likely to grow in the future as technology affords us new devices with unlimited potential in terms of communications, business, gaming and more.

Those traveling to and from Miami International Airport can find the Skyroam Grab-and-Go WiFi in Terminal J by Gate J9 and Terminal E by Gate E8.

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