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Vitamin Sea: Feng Shui Your Stateroom

How to feng shui your stateroom and make the most of your cruise

By Valerie Sands

Cruising. Why is it that once you’ve traveled this way, any other vacation actually seems stressful? Quite simply, it’s the energy that shifts as soon as you walk on board. But beyond that first-night sailaway feeling, did you know you’re in complete control of that energy — and can ramp it up or ease it down just like turning a dial — for your entire cruise?

From fine dining to french fries, rock climbing to hot stone massage, every day, every hour on board is a choice. In fact, you can enhance your cruise experience even further and, in the process, improve your life as a whole — and you can begin as you first enter your stateroom — with feng shui!

Just because you can’t pronounce it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Translated from Chinese, feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) means wind and water. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese realized that the energy of the earth’s environment is mimicked in the energy of the home. And through proper furniture and accessory placement, you can actually direct energy to help you easily achieve what you want out of life.

While moving the furniture might make you unpopular with your cabin steward, you can play with some accessories to begin getting your shui on. I’ll be referencing compass directions below; we’ll call “north” the wall that your cabin door is on. Ready? Anchors away!

Sail Through Life

Make your days on board even more blissful and begin creating the life of your dreams by directing your attention to the north. In feng shui, this is the area where your career and day-to-day life are represented. Adding something that symbolizes water here can help eliminate daily stress and support a more peaceful and smooth life path.

One simple way to bring water into an area is with pictures. For example, get a hold of a ship brochure, which will be teeming with…

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