Disney Dream

TikTok User Shows Just How Empty Disney Dream is: Now May Be the PERFECT Time to Cruise

Those looking for a quiet, relaxing cruise vacation that makes you feel like royalty may have a new cruise line to check out in the short term. Disney Cruise Line is known for being a kid-favorite thanks to fun characters, tons of activities and kid-friendly dining options, but video shot by a TikTok user shows that it may be the best cruise line for adults right now!

TikTok user Kelsey @Ksnyd757 posted two videos of herself on board Disney Dream and we couldn’t believe how empty the ship looked. In the video, Kelsey shoots video of several different areas of the ship including the pool deck and inside a restaurant and the one thing that stands out is how few people are on board. In some shots, there appears to be more staff around than actual guests. 

@ksnyd757Clearly the bartenders have been too attentive ##dcl ##disneycruise ##disney ##disneydream ##disneyprincess ##cruise ##livingmybestlife ##waltdisneyworld♬ original sound – Kelsey

“We’re at less than 1/4th capacity,” Kelsey says at one point. She also indicates that there is one staff member for every guest on board, something not at all common on ships that size.

In a second video posted to the account, the familiar sound of When You Wish Upon a Star from the movie Pinocchio plays while the person behind the camera walks around an empty ship on a sea day, the one time on board when the ship should be most full. 


@ksnyd757Reply to @damoonerman literally in the middle of the ocean on a sea day ##dcl ##disneyworld ##disney ##disneycruiseline♬ original sound – Christian Shelton

Why Is It So Empty?

There’s a few reasons why the ship is operating at far less than capacity. First, the COVID-19 vaccine is not available for children under the age of 12. It’s clear parents are not jumping at the chance to take their unvaccinated kids on cruises, but that’s great news for adults who are looking for their next vacation. The second reason is the CDC’s recommendations that not just unvaccinated people avoid cruises, but people in general until the pandemic is in our rearview.

Another factor is that the Bahamas, where Disney’s private island Castaway Cay is located, now requires all eligible adults on board a cruise ship to have proof of vaccination in order for the ship to dock at a Bahamian port.

Disney posted the following update on their website: 

For sailings to the Bahamas beginning September 3, 2021 until November 1, 2021, The Bahamas will require that all passengers ages 12 and older be fully vaccinated in order for a ship to be allowed entry into any of its cruise ports, including private islands like Disney Castaway Cay. To comply with this new requirement, all Guests ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated to board the ship. 

These restrictions are clearly having an effect on who is booking cruise vacations and there’s no timetable for when things may get back to normal. For now, eat at any restaurant, enjoy as much spa time as you want, pick out any chair on the lido deck – it’s all possible with Disney ships operating at far less than full capacity. If you’re an adult who’s fully vaccinated looking to have a relaxing and quiet vacation, there may not be a better ship than one from the Disney fleet right now!