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The Partner Yoga Workout for Honeymoon Cruises

Ah, wedded bliss has bestowed its’ wonderful self upon you. The notion that spending your years with a forever person has anted up how you move about the world and how sharing it with another brings more joy than ever. Your honeymoon journey is ready to begin and a cruise is what’s in store.

If you’re consistent with a travel plan and want to stay in shape, and want to experience the ride with your newly beloved, why not try partner yoga on the ship? There’s no better way to connect further with your spouse than to stretch and flex and meditate in unison. A partner yoga workout is just the recipe for launching your togetherness after boarding for the duration at sea.

What Does a Partner Yoga Workout Entail?

Solo yoga is perfectly fine in a classroom setting or a home environment. If practiced properly, you can learn new asanas and bring them with you on your vacation at sea. The secret ingredient is to have your partner join you, either side by side, or in acro-yoga style.

Side by side yoga on a cruise works wonders for a harmonious flow. Whichever partner is more seasoned at their practice, they’re typically more adept at leading the poses. If one of the partners is a newbie to yoga, the learning partner can stand behind (and a little to the side) of the teacher. The trick is to not allow the practice to be one of control by either partner. In a dual yoga session on the boat, place your mat about a person-length to the tip of the corner of the other mat. Maybe take turns on who guides the practice, this is your honeymoon afterall.

Whenever one partner opts to lead and the other chooses to follow, that’s where the compassion begins. I’ve been to Cancun with my partner and since I had more years of yoga under embedded in my bones, my partner chose to follow my lead. It worked beautifully and allowed our love to grow. Set aside slow movements and calm voices to gain more awareness.

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Acro-yoga has been around for years, and involves a more acrobatic skill to it. Balance, precision, TRUST, flexibility, and willingness are the top ingredients when embarking on an acro-yoga partner practice. If you’ve never tried it, maybe watch a YouTube video together or a specific acro-yoga tape prior to your honeymoon. Engage in some of the partnered moves at home before you set out to sea. Then, once on board, further your newly wedded love with an acro-yoga session.

Getting in the Flow

There’s a host of informative and instructional yoga tapes or classes that you can attend before you’re ready to begin a partnered yoga session on a cruise. Some cruises offer private yoga or yoga classes, and it’s within these scenarios that you’re able to practice together and get in the flow.

Partnered yoga can increase the level of your marital future. Why not start on your honeymoon!

Gerry Ellen is a freelance creative writer, a contributor for several publications, a published author of both nonfiction and fiction books, a marketing copywriter, and a wellness entrepreneur. You can find her portfolio HERE. More of Gerry Ellen’s wellness work alongside her beloved pup, can be found HERE.

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