The Conway Scenic Railroad, The Ultimate Cruise Tour Experience

I recently had the pleasure of riding the Conway Scenic Railroad, and I’d love to share my experience with you.

From the moment I boarded the historic train, I was transported back in time. The vintage cars’ meticulous restoration and authentic decor recreated the golden age of rail travel. The staff’s attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from decor to conductors’ stories about the railway’s history

The scenic journey through New Hampshire’s countryside was breathtaking. The train wound through picturesque landscapes, offering stunning views of the White Mountains and surrounding forests. Large windows provided a unique perspective on the passing scenery. The combination of natural beauty and historical significance made for a memorable experience.

The stop at Crawford Notch was a highlight of my trip. Getting off the train allowed me to explore the surrounding area, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the stunning views. The break was invigorating and peaceful.


Dave Swirk, Conway Scenic Railroad Owner | Photo: BIll Panoff

The Conway Scenic Railway is an underappreciated gem that deserves more attention. It provides a chance to disconnect from daily life and reconnect meaningfully with nature and history. Whether you’re interested in history or nature or just looking for a unique adventure, the Conway Scenic Railway offers something unique.

Rob, Narrator and Historian| Photo: Bill Panoff

I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It’s a journey that evokes a sense of wonder and nostalgia, leaving a lasting impression on all participating. I feel grateful to have been a part of it, and I highly encourage others to embark on this incredible adventure. Imagine experiencing it for yourself, as cruise lines now offer this tour for ships docking in Portland, Maine

Stay tuned for my upcoming Porthole travel episode, where I’ll share my full experience!

Bill Panoff is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Porthole Cruise and Travel magazine. A former cruise industry entertainer and cruise director, Bill spent decades at sea and is one of the world's foremost experts on all things cruise and travel.