Florida’s Brightline Starting Train Service to Ft. Lauderdale

Florida residents are buzzing about Florida’s Brightline train starting service to Ft. Lauderdale this weekend. The site experienced so much traffic today, that online booking has been temporarily suspended.

Screen Shot | GoBrightline.com

The notice reads, “Sorry! Due to overwhelming excitement, we’re experiencing site traffic delays and booking glitches. We have temporarily suspended booking rides where train times are displaying as ‘sold out’ while we work through the kinks.” 

It seems Brightline was not prepared enough for the level of excitement Floridians have for an updated public transport system.

As for the excitement, I live in West Palm Beach and loathe the thought of driving anywhere remotely close to Miami. 

But no fear, Brightline is here; operating at a top speed of 120 miles per hour!

There has been a lot of speculation around who the Brightline customer will be. Will it be the dapper gentleman dressed in an Armani suit heading to his corporate job in Miami, the West Palm couple adventuring out for a culinary delight, or the tree-hugging centennials attending Ultra Music Festival?

Only time will tell, but the great news is that Floridians can now commute from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale in less than 35 minutes. This is over 20 minutes faster than taking the most dangerous Interstate in Florida, 1-95. 

Eek! So Much Traffic!

I say yes to skipping the road rage and near death experiences in trade for a zen ride on Brightline’s bullet train.

Now let’s talk money..

But can you really put a price tag on peace of mind, and commuter wifi? Well, yes, Brightline can.

The Florida gas average is currently $2.30/Gallon and the average gas mileage on all cars sold in the US is 25 mpg. From West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale is a little over 45 miles. Driving on I-95 one way will cost the driver approximately $1.78, and a one-way Brightline ticket is currently valued at $10 PLUS parking.

The high price tag may dissuade Tri-rail commuters like myself, but it may be worth the price for a fun and safe night out in Miami.

How will you use the Brightline?