St. Kitts

St. Kitts: Awake Your Sense of Wander

When was the last time you really felt a sense of adventure? One of the best things about travel is it awakens within us a natural curiosity about the world we live in and fuels our sense of adventure and desire to experience new things. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is known for fostering adventure and excitement for those who decide to visit. 

While it features all the traditional Caribbean relaxation, St. Kitts also offers adventure-seekers a chance to get out and explore everything the island has to offer. If you’ve never explored St. Kitts, here are some of the best ways to get out and enjoy this slice of Caribbean paradise! 


Photo: Beach Addiction St. Kitts

St. Kitts’ Best Water Activities 

One of the best ways to feel a sense of adventure in St. Kitts is to get out on the water! The warm waters of the Caribbean Sea are the perfect place to dive coral reefs and get up close and personal with the amazing tropical wildlife that lives under the sea. There’s also a number of sunken shipwrecks to explore like the remains of the M.V. River Taw which lies off of Frigate Bay Beach. There are a number of private diving and snorkeling providers on the island and they can tailor your experience for beginners or seasoned divers. 

Another fun way to get out on the water is kitesurfing. Beach Addiction St. Kitts is one of the top services on the island and they will have you surfing around the calm, warm waters around St. Kitts in no time! Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing involves riders harnessing the power of the wind via a large kite while skimming across the top of the water on a surfboard-like device. It can look intimidating at first, but it’s a ton of fun and not as hard as you think!

St. Kitts

Photo: St. Kitts Tourism

Rent an ATV 

St. Kitts was formed eons ago by a volcano and that makes for one unique island! Towering peaks and plunging valleys lush with tropical fauna make for the perfect backdrop for an ATV adventure through the rainforest. One of the most popular shore excursions for cruisers visiting St. Kitts, an ATV adventure offers visitors the chance to see a side of St. Kitts you can’t get in downtown Basseterre. Sunny Blue is one of the island’s top ATV, dune buggy and scooter rental provider has all the toys you need to have a blast. Four-person ATV options means fun for the whole family and guests can opt for guided tours or to explore the island on their own.

St. Kitts

The view from Mt. Liamuiga | Photo: St. Kitts Tourism Authority

Hiking St. Kitts 

Speaking of volcanoes, it’s hard to miss Mount Liamuiga towering high above the island. Awake your sense of wander on a bucket list hike that takes your St. Kitts adventure to all-new heights! Mount Liamuiga is the highest point in St. Kitts and Nevis and one of the tallest peaks in the Caribbean. Climbing up Mount Liamuiga’s slopes, hikers will be treated to the sights and sounds of the lush rainforest, before reaching the best view of St. Kitts from the summit. For a more leisurely hiking option, discover wildlife and shipwrecks on the Shitten Bay trail, an exciting hiking exploration that combines the best of land and sea.

St. Kitts is an island chock-full of adventure. No matter how you want to explore St. Kitts, the island has everything you need to awake your sense of wander! Check out all the fun things to do when you travel to St. Kitts! 


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