SCARED of Sharks?! MUST HAVE Travel Gear

Thanks to the movie Jaws, the summer of 1975 will always be remembered for America’s fear of sharks. These nautical nightmares are the terrors of the deep and you aren’t alone if you think twice before jumping in the ocean. Are you safe from shark attacks when you’re on a cruise vacation? On this week’s episode of Cruise Control, we take a look at how safe you are from sharks and what you can do to make yourself even safer! RELATED: It’s Shark Week All Year at Princess Cruises Sharks are scary- no doubt – but missing out on some amazing shore excursions because of the unknown is not how most of us want to spend our vacation. Now – adrenaline junkies may want to book a shore excursion that consists of swimming with sharks, but we’re going to have to pass on that without the right gear. Experienced cruisers know that sharks are nothing to worry about, and there are precautions in place to help alert of any shark activity – BUT I can understand wanting to be safe… Especially if your excursion consists of some epic surfing.

What Are Sharkbanz?

Which brings us to this really neat travel item we discovered called Sharkbanz. It’s advertised as a shark deterrent. The bracelet attaches to the wrist or ankle and emits an electromagnetic charge that repels sharks. There are plenty of seals and dolphins who could use one! The videos on the Sharkbanz website show the the bands keeping sharks at bay, even when the sharks were baited into biting. Not even a nibble when the Sharkbanz is involved. When it’s not….LOOK OUT!  
Let us know what you think… are you worried about sharks when you head out into the ocean? Would a Sharkbanz bracelet make you feel more safe? Leave your comments below!