Princess Cruises Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Sailings in the Mediterranean

The cruises during the cruise tours seasons with be offering travelers the opportunity to experience the best European venture. Combined with many fun traditions, learning more about the backgrounds of the ships and getting to explore a world of cultures.

The ships sailing out of Southampton, United Kingdom, in 2025, Sky Princess, Regal Princess and Emerald Princess, will be going on sale May 25, 2025. While the Star Princess, Sun Princess and the Majestic Princess go on sale June 1, 2025. 

Princess Cruise History

  •  Princess Cruises had first set sail in 1985, they would sail along the Mediterranean. 
  • A way the cruise wanted to celebrate its 40th year anniversary with the new Star Princess, was for the ship to join in on that adventure. 
  • On August 4, 2025, the Star Princess will set sail on a nine-day Grand Mediterranean voyage from Rome to Italy and Greece, followed by a variety of 10-day cruises to Florence, Barcelona and Mykonos.

As for the Sun Princess, she will sail seven-day Mediterranean voyages from Barcelona, Rome or Athens, visiting Istanbul, Naples, and Santorini among other desirable destinations.

Both ships offer great features that some of the other cruise lines might not have. With more than 1,500 balconies and 29 restaurants and bars spread across 21 decks, these ships offer a wide range of amenities.

Some highlights of the March through November 2025 season include: 

A 40-year celebration in the Mediterranean: The cruises will take place on a variety of seven- or up to 31-day Mediterranean sailings. The departures take place from Rome, London, Athens, Trieste and Barcelona. 

The guest will be able to choose from touring ancient Rome, Athens and Ephesus or taking in the art or architecture of Barcelona. They can choose to experience the different cultures and cities from Sicily, Marseille and Istanbul and appreciate the beautiful views and sandy beaches or visit Naples. 

The 31-day Mediterranean Marvel cruise on Sky Princess offers more late-nights that consists of Mykonos, Santorini, and Jerusalem. 

British Isles: The Emerald Princess and Regal Princess, offers a 10- to 14-day cruises from London to the Scottish Highlands. The guests will get to experience the lovely castles to the historic places. 

Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are visited by both cruise ships on five- to 28-day excursions.

Grand Adventures and Passages: With 15- to 29-day sailings between North America and Europe, all six ships offer the ultimate transatlantic crossing.

Cruise tours: By merging the cruises together with multiple days, the guests have multiple options to choose from. They can sight see in Madrid, Spain, explore Florence and Rome in Italy or take in the treasures of the Mediterranean. 

More About Princess Cruises

The world’s most iconic cruise, the Love Boat, Princess Cruises delivers dream vacations to millions of guests every year on the largest ships that offer small-ship luxury and simplicity.

By Sofia Sanchez