Off Season Cruising

Off Season Cruising, Is It Worth It?

We often get asked, when is the best time to cruise? Most are shocked when I tell them that cruising off-season is one of the best vacations you can take! Not only are they a great way to get a great deal, but there are plenty of other perks, too. Here are some of our favorite off-season cruises.

Off Season Cruising Is the Way to Go

1) The land of the midnight sun is a popular summer cruising destination, but cruising the Baltics from September through April offers the chance to see one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons: The Northern Lights. Norway, Sweden and other countries in the region offer the best chance to catch a glimpse of the fantastic aurora borealis.

2) Most think eating lobster on the Cape is the ideal New England vacation, but wait a few months and the changing leaves from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia are truly a sight to see. Ports like Portland or Bar Harbor, Maine offer real downeast charm without the bustle of the summer month tourists.

3) Everyone wants to sit on a Caribbean beach when their driveway at home is under a foot of snow, but peak season means peak pricing and passengers. Cruising late summer offers the same beautiful beaches, exciting excursions and overall experience without the prices or crowds.

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4) Ah the Mediterranean, cruising the summer is beautiful, but our advice is book for December and enjoy the sights and sounds of a Mediterranean holiday season. The markets of Italy, Greece or Spain adorned with holiday decorations are something you have to experience at least once.

5) Alaska is one of the most popular cruising destinations all summer long, but there are plenty of advantages to waiting a few months until September when the season is coming to a close. From the trees changing color to fewer people and better deals, there’s plenty of reasons why September is a great month to cruise north. Bring a jacket and your sense of adventure!