Nalho sandals

My Sandals Are Made From Yoga Mats And They Help Women

My mother always told me, “Sandals are not walking shoes.” Despite her confusing advice, I wore my sandals everywhere and on EVERY vacation.

It wasn’t until I started getting older and my feet started getting more tired that I understood what my mom meant by “not walking shoes,” but I was too stubborn to switch my vacation sandals for a pair of ergonomic tennis shoes. That is, until I found the best of both worlds … or at least the best of the sandal world.

Wishing for a way to soothe my achy soles, I searched for something soft, and willed it into a sandal. The universe provided a result – Nalho sandals.

This footwear takes the comfort of a yoga mat and combines it with chic (yet sturdy) design. The sole of the sandal is made from memory foam typically used in yoga mats. The bands that hold the sandal to your feet are made from luxurious cotton with a hint of stretch that clings without binding, making them comfortable to wear for long periods.

According to Nalho’s site: “The form-fitting memory foam design helps to ease pressure from the ball of the foot, absorb heel shock and provide arch support.” This helps explain why this is the only sandal I can wear for long periods on vacation without generating a blister or two.

What’s most unique about Nalho sandals, and the reason I’m writing this, is the backstory. Nalho is not just the maker of an extremely comfortable sandal for travel adventures and lounge days alike. It’s also part of a movement to empower women and help fight in the battle against woman and girl trafficking at an international level. Nalho paired up with the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW). With each sandal purchased, Nalho gives a portion of the profits to CATW, which amounts to $1.00 for each pair sold.

While I am all for the stylishness of the Nalho Sandal, its humanitarian impacts have a much greater value to me; either way, the classy comfort is worth the money. Prices range from $48.00 to $52.00, and are sold in 300 retail locations throughout the United States as well as being distributed internationally.

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I spoke briefly with Nalho’s founder and CEO, Thomas Amanou. His vision for Nalho’s future is inspiring, and his genuine care and concern for the impact of his product on its consumer and the environment is reason enough to toss out the thong sandals and pick up a pair of Nalho sandals. Amanou says, “Our yoga mat espadrilles are unlike anything the market has seen before. We believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between beautiful style and advanced comfort.”

Next time you’re packing for your vacation and looking for the perfect sandal, I advise you to support the businesses making a difference for women around the world … starting one step at a time.

— Christina Hunting