TRAVEL TIPS: Try Something New in Barbados

Surfing is an all encompassing workout, which exercises both mind and body. Even an initial surf lesson will cover the basics of paddling (cardio) and how to go from a lying to a standing position and balance on your board (working the back, chest, arms, AND core). On your next vacation or trip to Barbados, why not give it a shot?
If Barbados is on your itinerary, it might be a perfect spot to try this sport for the first time. Its location in the eastern Caribbean makes it one of the best places in the world to surf. The surrounding area provides the perfect conditions for swell waves from all directions, rather than just locally generated wind waves. What this really means is that you can surf all year long. Year round temperatures in the 80’s don’t hurt either and neither does the fact that it’s located outside of the Hurricane Belt. These are the kind of waves that professionals and surf enthusiasts dream about! Waves range from 2-12 feet from October to March, and only reach 6 feet the remainder of the year.

Surfing Barbados

The island has taken advantage of these factors and created absolutely beautiful surfing beaches for locals and travelers, complete with all of the facilities you need, whether you’re an expert, a beginner, or you want to try something a little different like kite surfing or paddle boarding. Many seasoned surfers choose Bathsheba, an east coast beach town that’s famous for Soup Bowl, an infamous break similar to the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The south has numerous consistent and well known breaks for surfing, including South Point and Brandon’s. Freights Bay and Accra are also solid choices. The south is a particularly good direction to head in if you want surf that’s less remote and close to nightlife and restaurants.
If you’re not an expert ready to take on one of these on your own, book a 2 hour lesson with Christian at Boosy’s Surf School. For only $50, you’ll get personal attention (groups are five people max), an unforgettable experience and a fantastic workout. This is the perfect choice for or trepidatious first-timers. Christian is patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. No matter what your level of experience, he assesses each person’s ability and teaches accordingly. This personalized approach and attention will put any nervous novice at ease. Many of his students boast that they’ve caught a wave on their first or second try!

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While on vacation, spending even 45 minutes in the gym feels like torture. Take this surf lesson for two hours and you’ll burn way more calories and have WAY more fun!
Know Before you go:  Surf lessons are available Monday – Sunday at 9am and 3pm. The price includes beach lesson, surfboards, GoPro video footage, bottled water, postcard and sticker. Book a 3 lesson package for $165 USD which includes board rental for a week. Call ahead for reservations & make sure you plan for a taxi or a ride to Freights Bay (A.K.A. Cotton House Bay).
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