Which Cruise Ship Is Best For Adults?

When many people think of cruise vacations, the first image that comes to mind is a family with young kids lounging by by the pool on a Disney cruise. And this is for good reason; cruises have earned a reputation as being the perfect place for families to get away from their busy lives. With all-inclusive itineraries with water slides and arcades, many cruises are built with families in mind.

But what about all of the cruise passengers who aren’t with their families or young children? What sorts of cruise offerings are there for adults looking to have a more age-appropriate vacation experience? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will be sharing everything you need to know about the wondrous world of adult-only cruises, including three incredible cruise itineraries to consider in 2024.

What Is An Adult-Only Cruise?

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Now, you may be wondering what exactly is an adult-only cruise. Besides the obvious minimum age requirement (most adult-only cruises are 18+), adult-only cruises are packed with specific amenities aimed at a more mature audience. While you can still expect the typical features of a cruise vacation (multiple dining options, pools, spas, etc.), adult-only cruises also emphasize nightlife, educational programs, social activities, and adventurous excursions for their passengers.

When looking for the best adult-only cruise for you, it’s important that you take a moment to consider what type of vacation you’re after. Do you want to focus on relaxing by the pool all day, eating snacks from the buffet, and sipping cocktails from the all-inclusive bar? Or maybe you want to spend your vacation learning about and exploring new, unfamiliar places, opting for multiple port excursions and onboard educational seminars. The wonderful thing about cruise vacations is that they offer a large level of customization, meaning you can curate the best cruise itinerary for you.

Another factor to consider when booking your adult-only cruise is whether or not you want to try a themed cruise. Due to their rise in popularity in recent years, themed cruises offer the perfect opportunity for you to combine your vacation with one of your passions.

Have you been a lifelong classic rock fan? Then maybe you’d enjoy a weeklong classic rock cruise where every night a different band plays a concert on deck. Or perhaps you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community and are looking to connect with others in a safe space. There are plenty of adult cruises aimed at bringing different communities together, and this can dramatically enhance your vacation experience.

Furthermore, many adult cruises market themselves as “romance” cruises. These cruise vacations are specifically designed to give you and your partner the romantic getaway of a lifetime, and they can be the perfect way to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary, or a vow renewal. These adult cruises are perfect for couples hoping to spend luxurious, quality time with each other without the distractions of families and children running around the decks.

Choosing which type of adult cruise can be a difficult, if not near-impossible task. But the beauty of these endless possibilities is that there is an adult-only cruise suitable for every type of cruise passenger. The possibilities here are truly endless.

Three Adult-Only Cruise Itineraries for 2024

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Now that we’ve covered the ins and outs of adult-only cruises, let’s take a look at three upcoming itineraries that you do not want to miss.

Australia & New Zealand with Virgin Voyages

Take a journey down under with this incredible Australia and New Zealand itinerary from the adult-only cruise line Virgin Voyages. This all-inclusive, 10-day voyage is perfect for those wishing to set sail in luxury. Departing from Melbourne and ending in Auckland, this itinerary will have you enjoying the finer things in life all the while discovering the natural beauty of Oceania.

Turkey & Greece with Viking Cruises

If you’re interested in ancient history, this is the cruise itinerary for you. Explore the most important and well-preserved historical sites throughout Turkey and Greece with Viking Cruises. Starting in Istanbul and ending in Athens, this incredible cruise vacation is filled with ancient anthropological sights important to the development of Western civilization. If you’re looking to learn something new on your cruise vacation, you don’t want to miss this gem of an itinerary.

Northern Lights in Norway with Saga Cruises

Our last recommendation is perfect for all of the nature lovers out there. Give yourself the gift of exploring one of the most beautiful natural phenomena our earth has to offer: the northern lights. On this expedition cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to truly engage with the northern wilderness. Not only will you hunt for the famed Aurora Borealis, but you will also have the opportunity to learn local Norwegian customs. If you’re looking for a winter adventure, this is the perfect vacation for you!

Book Your Adult Cruise Today!

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As you can see, booking an adult-only cruise is a fantastic opportunity to take control over your cruise vacation. Depending on your unique interests, you can find an adult-only cruise that checks all of your boxes. When you do, you’re bound to be in for the vacation of a lifetime.