Itching to Cruise? Try a Private Yacht Charter Instead

It could be a while before cruisers are back on board their favorite ships, so one cruise booking service decided to do something about it., a subsidiary of Omega World Travel, announced today that they’re partnering with The Moorings, a private yacht charter company, to offer all-inclusive yacht vacations for people who want to take a cruise vacation while still being able to practice social distancing.

Yacht Charters are More Affordable Than You Think

Yacht charters accommodate between six and ten guests with rates starting as low as $1,900 per person for a seven day cruise. Included is a professional captain, a gourmet chef as well as meals, a fully stocked bar, Wi-Fi and watersports equipment. When compared to a luxury cruise with similar amenities and privileges, the price tag becomes very reasonable. 

“Yacht vacations are one of the best ways to experience cruising without the crowds. This vacation allows customers a unique experience to vacation and social distance from crowds. They are the perfect balance of luxury and privacy,” said Gloria Bohan, CEO and Owner of Omega World Travel and

What makes a private yacht charter so unique when compared to traditional cruising is you can choose your own itinerary. Charters can visit Caribbean destinations such as the British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Belize and the Bahamas as well as departures in the Mediterranean and Asia and, due to the relatively small size of the vessels, they can visit less-traveled ports and enjoy activities like snorkeling and diving far away from any crowd.

“Yacht charter vacations have long been a best-kept secret of the sailing community, and we are excited to introduce this phenomenal vacation option to a new travel audience. Few vacations offer the privacy, flexibility, and cultural immersion that charter vacations are famous for, and we are confident the cruising community will fall in love with this unique way to discover some of the most beautiful destinations in the world,” said Ian Pederson, Senior Marketing Manager of The Moorings.

Would you consider a private yacht charter for your family if a cruise vacation isn’t possible this year? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!