Australia Cruise

South Seas Trifecta

In a land far, far away — from Porthole HQ, at least — lies the down under continent of Australia, flanked on the southeast by New Zealand and the petite island paradise of Fiji to the northeast. A marathon flight to these far-flung destinations may require diligent planning, but there is nothing more rewarding than scheduling an indulgent multi-segment cruise or two (or even three).

Viking Orion Shines Bright

Like its celestial namesake, Viking Orion’s stellar design elements shimmer in discreet sophistication, tastefully influenced by a sleek Scandinavian aesthetic. Viking Cruises has parlayed its well-deserved, award-winning legacy in river cruising into acclaimed ocean cruises with a fleet of six nearly identical, smaller, all-veranda ships plying the seven seas in upscale style with amenities rarely included on similar vessels.

A 15-day journey to the South Sea destinations of Australia and New Zealand begins with two days of exploring the treasures of Sydney via a complimentary city highlights tour or alternatively day-tripping to the mesmerizing Blue Mountains. Sailing out of the stunning harbor with the iconic Sydney Opera House as a backdrop, the ship journeys southward with a day spent at sea savoring the elegance of dazzling public spaces and a program of inspiring enrichment programs.

By Steve Leland 

Photos: True North Adventure Cruises | Fakrul Jamil Photography/Getty Images | Steve Leland 

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