The Ernesto

Is This the Best Cheeseburger at Sea?

Landlubbers rejoice, you can know get one of the best burgers at sea without setting foot on a cruise ship! Passengers aboard Princess Cruises are no doubt familiar with “The Ernesto,” a burger found in The Salty Dog Gastropub and Salty Dog Grill on board Princess ships. Previously, onboard the ships were the only place to get the classic burger dreamt up by renowned chef Ernesto Uchimura. Now the burger is available on the menu at Chef Uchimura’s restaurant, Electric Owl in Los Angeles.

History of the Ernesto Burger

Ernesto Burger

Chef Ernesto Uchimura | Photo: Princess Cruises

Chef Ernesto Uchimura’s growth into a culinary expert came from a variety of influences. His birth in Buenos Aires, Argentina followed by his childhood in Los Angeles cultivated his interest in multicultural cooking styles and influences.

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Chef Uchimura’s work as Corporate Executive Chef and Partner for Umami Burger was where his love for the great American dish got started. His cooking has won him numerous awards and recognitions including “Chef of the Year: The Comfort Master” from Los Angeles magazine, “Best New Dish” for his Smokey Fried Chicken from Angeleno magazine, “Best Sandwich in America: Chicken” by Restaurant Hospitality, and “Best Burger” in Los Angeles by LA Weekly.

When The Salty Dog Gastropub and the Ernesto Burger first came aboard Princess Cruises, Executive Vice President of Guest Experiences Rai Caluori explained the appeal. 

“The Salty Dog Gastropub is an enticing addition to our onboard culinary offerings and brings yet another unique dining option to our guests,” he said. “Chef Uchimura’s signature burger is sure to be savored, along with pub favorites reinvented for a more upscale dining experience.”  

The Recipe

The Ernesto Burger isn’t like any ordinary cheeseburger you’ve ever had. Piled high with grilled pork belly, caramelized kimchi, beer battered jalapeño, charred onion aioli, this burger is the real deal. The patty, made from ground ribeye and short rib beef, is topped with Gruyère cheese that’s been aged in a cave for authentic taste. Served on a smoked salt & pepper brioche bun, this burger is a must-try for anyone sailing with Princess Cruises or looking for a great place to eat in Los Angeles!