France Bars Unvaccinated Americans from Visiting

A major tourist destination for Americans is now closed to those unvaccinated against COVID-19. Yesterday, France became the latest European country, and by far the most significant, to close their doors to anyone who hasn’t been fully vaccinated against the virus.

The news from France followed the news recently that Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands had also begun requiring proof of vaccination for U.S. citizens prior to entry. While much of Europe opened their borders over the summer to tourists, the rise in COVID-19 cases in America, particularly the Delta variant, over the past few weeks is causing countries to rethink their reopening strategy. 

France moved the United States and Israel from their Green list to their Orange list, meaning unvaccinated travelers must have an essential reason for traveling and they must also get a negative PCR test before travel and must quarantine for seven days after arrival. Those who are vaccinated will see no restrictions upon entry.

Where Can Americans Travel in Europe? 

Sweden took even more drastic action, banning anyone arriving from the United States regardless of their vaccination status. The European Union even voted to remove the United States from their list of “safe” countries thanks to over 75 new COVID-19 cases each day per 100,000 people over the previous two weeks.

However, it’s up to each member state to decide the rules when it comes to Americans. Greece, for example, is remaining open for tourism regardless of vaccination status. All that’s needed to enter Greece is a negative PCR test and a passenger locator form filled out prior to travel. Those who are fully vaccinated do not need a negative PCR test to enter Greece. Remember, a negative PCR test is required for reentry to the United States. 

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