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5 Tips for Cruising Alaska

Alaska. The last frontier. Home of magnificent glaciers, an abundance of wildlife, fascinating cultures, and plenty of culinary and shopping opportunities. It’s a land you can only imagine — until you cruise there.

I just returned from an Alaska cruise cruise aboard Holland America Line’s Noordam, so I thought I’d share my five cruise tips should an Alaska cruise be on your horizon — and it should be.


BillP_InSkagwayWithBus Proper Packing
Make sure to bring a variety of warm clothing (including rain gear) and make sure to layer while on shore. Weather can change dramatically from one port to another, and even fluctuate throughout the day.


On Shore Adventures
Book your tours well in advance, as most sell out. Start researching what you want to do right away and book as much as you can as soon as you can. It’d be a shame to miss out on that one must-do on your list because you delay signing up for the tour.


“Shopportunities” Abound
Shopping in Alaska offers a variety of local goods and top brand names at considerable savings. Don’t miss the only-in-Alaska shops and galleries, as well as some of your favorite stores that you’ll also find in Alaska.


Point and Click
Be sure to bring proper camera gear and lenses. When it comes time to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments, you want to put your best camera forward and get the highest-quality picture you can. In some cases, smartphone cameras just won’t cut it.


BillP_BoatsSmall_3426 Onboard Learning
Attend all shipboard presentations about Alaska in order to learn as much as you can before you arrive into port. Experienced and knowledgeable presenters are available to educate you about the region. Take it all in and ask questions. You’ll appreciate the destination that much more when you know about its history and culture ahead of time.


— Bill Panoff

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