Exploring Reus, Spain With Bill Panoff


Welcome to Reus, Spain!

Guests visit this little town during the summertime to experience the traditional party each year. With lots of music, food, wine, shopping, and sites to see, we invite you to explore the city’s beauty!

Join Bill along his walkthrough of Reus to see shots of the following locations:

  • La Plaza Prim, a beautiful plaza in the heart of the city.
  • Mercadal Plaza, the Market Square.
  • The Gaudí House Museum, a museum that shows the collection and history of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.
  • Saint Peter Church, the main temple in the city.

Head over to the traditional party to try the traditional market foods and witness the xiquets performance, a traditional performance where people join and form a human-built tower. Visit all the local markets to try fresh food and see why Reus is self-sustaining.

Have you ever been to Reus? Let us know in the comments.

Julie Bouchner is the Digital Editorial Manager for Porthole Cruise and Travel. She has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Syracuse University. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family, baking, and playing with her Siberian Husky named Ellie.