United Kingdom

England Opens Doors to Vaccinated US and EU Travelers

As part of their overall plan to relax travel restrictions, the United Kingdom is allowing fully vaccinated visitors from the United States and the European Union to enter the country without the mandatory 14-day quarantine. However, a negative PCR test is still required to enter the country as well as another test on the second day following arrival. The passenger locator form also remains a requirement for everyone visiting the United Kingdom. 

The UK is also allowing cruise ships to begin operating internationally, nearly four months after allowing the start of domestic cruises for UK residents. The relaxed restrictions officially go into effect on August 2. 

According to Grant Shapps, the United Kingdom’s Transport Secretary, the relaxed restrictions are a sign of “progress we can all enjoy”. Shapps also indicated that allowing international travelers to cruise from the UK would help contribute to the nation’s economy, particularly in the hospitality industries which were hit the hardest by the pandemic shutdowns. 

The news is excellent for cruise lines who have been sailing around the British Isles on cruises to nowhere for the past few months. Now those ships can head South in search of weather that’s a little more sunny and warm. 

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France is the Exception 

While the United Kingdom is opening its doors to visitors from the European Union, travelers from France will have to play by a different set of rules. A mandatory 10-day quarantine remains in effect because of rising variant numbers in the country. The rule applies to not just French citizens, but anyone who has spent time in France in the previous 10 days before flying to the United Kingdom. The UK Government offered no timeline for when COVID-19 travel restrictions for France would be lifted. 

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