ms Koningsdam

Cruise Director Christine LaVonna Shares an Update from MS Koningsdam

While cruise ships prepare for the next crop of happy cruisers to come aboard, one of the most common questions we’re getting is about what the crew is up to without any passengers. Today, Porthole Cruise Magazine Founder and Editor-in-Chief Bill Panoff caught up with the Cruise Director Christine LaVonna of Holland America Line ship MS Koningsdam to find out what life is like on board the ship! 

The ship is currently south of the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea with 700 crew members from 38 nationalities board.

Holland America Line has been around for 150 years, we’re gonna be around for another 150 years

As Christine explains in the interview, this situation is unique because instead of having a week of sea days, the crew will be on board without passengers for more like 40 days and the goal for her and the other officers on board is to make sure crew morale stays high.

“We’re all just being one big family, and taking care of one another right now,” she explained.


As Christine mentions in the interview, meals for everyone are being served at the Lido Market, which is a staple eatery on board Holland America Line ships. This gives crew members the opportunity to enjoy the company of their peers who they might not get to see on a regular basis while guests are on board. Christine herself said she enjoyed meeting crew members she had not gotten the chance to before.

Thank you for speaking with us Christine and we hope you and the crew enjoy your time with one another!

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