#MyNextVacation: Share Your Stories & Spread Positivity

“What’s your next vacation?”

It’s only four words, but it’s a question that truly has it all. Curiosity. Instant aspiration. The promise of hope, the opportunity for fellowship, and nothing ahead but blue skies, clear paths, and whatever else is conjured or awoken by that most magical of words: vacation!

We think it’s a question that transcends small talk and casual conversation because it speaks to the heart more than the mind. It’s not asking for reheated memories of some past trip; it’s offering an enthusiastic, encouraging opportunity to, amongst many things, achieve a greater, more honest connection.

In this time of uncertainty one thing can be certain. One day, we all will plan our next vacation, and to that we raise a glass.

We at Porthole Cruise Magazine and Porthole.com will be continuing to spread positive voices and positive stories during this time of crisis, so that now we can continue to dream of our next vacation and plan for the future of travel. Please join the #MyNextVacation movement and help us spread a positive outlook for the future of travel with your incredible stories of past vacations.

So, what’s your next vacation? We started off with our story about cruising the Caribbean with Windstar Cruises.

You can read all about that epic adventure on board the Wind Surf here



Then, the memories started flooding in! 

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