Cruise Control with Bill Panoff – 2021 Year in Review


What a year 2021 was for Cruise Control with Bill Panoff! We interviewed some of the top names in the cruise and travel industry this year and learned a lot about what the future holds for everyone’s favorite vacation! Arnold Donald, Harry Sommer, Richard Fain, Captain Kate McCue and more, which interview this year was your favorite! 

Let us know in the comments if there’s anyone in cruise or travel who you’d like to appear on an episode of Cruise Control!

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Evan Gove is the SEO & Content Manager for Porthole Cruise and Travel's digital department. He covers cruise industry news and writes ship reviews for porthole.com. You can also catch him as a guest on the YouTube series Cruise Control with Bill Panoff. Follow his tweets and posts about the cruise industry from Porthole Cruise and Travel's social media accounts.