Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen Before

We all gush about the European cities we’ve visited, but how much did you actually gain from your exploration of any particular city? You can see the sights, sure, but some people are all about taking their travels deeper than the average vacationer. For those heading to Spain in the near future, a new travel service for cruise passengers is changing the way people experience one of Spain’s most impressive cities, Barcelona.

What is Hi. This is Barcelona?

Visiting Barcelona

A bike tour through the city | Photo: Hi. This is Barcelona

Hi.This Is Barcelona is a boutique American-run tour and event planning company which works with a select team of local guides and specialists in a variety of fields curating unique, customized experiences and itineraries for locals and visitors alike. From bespoke walking tours in the medieval Gothic Quarter to leisurely, family-run winery excursions to personal shopping and artisan workshops tours and private cooking classes in local chefs’ homes, the service is able to customize any itinerary to fit the specific needs of each cruise passenger.

Visiting Barcelona

One of Europe’s most picturesque cities, Barcelona has a rich history coupled with an outstanding culture that cruise passengers are going to love. The city is much more than just the soccer team which bears its name, it’s a leader in modernization across Europe (despite being more than 2000 years old) and has some of the most tourist-friendly sites anywhere on the continent.

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Visiting Barcelona

Dining in Barcelona | Photo: Hi. This is Barcelona

Barcelona’s location on the shores of the Balearic Sea makes it a popular cruise port for Mediterranean itineraries across many different cruise lines. From historical sites to museums and incredible cuisine, this European city has to be on your bucket list. Don’t just explore the city on your own, however. Getting a guided tour from professional and knowledgeable guides can help you make the most of your visit. Those who wander on their own are sure to miss some of the most interesting and entertaining aspects of this brilliant city.

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