Sailing Day

What is a Repositioning Cruise?

You could spend all day on a cruise ship and have a ton of fun without even leaving a port. Ships are designed to keep guests happy and entertained because they spend far more time at sea than anywhere else. Cruise ships sail from port to port, but also from one side of the globe to the other in search of warmer climates on what is known as a repositioning cruise.

Why Take a Repositioning Cruise?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a cruise ship in Alaska, for example, when the weather turns frigid and the waters of the Bering Strait rock and roll more than an Elvis concert? They head for warmer waters on what is known as a repositioning cruise. They may also be called one-way cruises, but the whole point remains the same.  

repositioning cruise

Cruising and relaxing go hand in hand

Many people love to take repositioning cruises and they offer several advantages like costing less and being a more relaxed vacation overall. They also tend to stop in less-visited locations so frequent cruise ship passengers get to see something new and different.

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If you like to kick back, relax and really enjoy your time off from work, school or anything else causing you some stress, there’s no better vacation than a repositioning cruise. They often spend days at a time at sea so it’s just you, a deck chair and a good book for as long as you want. Grab lunch or dinner at your leisure and then get back to putting your feet up. Tough life, isn’t it?

What is There To Do on a Repositioning Cruise?

If you’re looking for a healthy mix of down time and activities, most repositioning cruises do well planning various activities, theme nights and more to ensure there’s always fun to be had. Guests are privileged to all the same fun and excitement offered on seasonal cruises so there’s no getting bored.

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