St. George Bermuda

The Gothic History of St. George, Bermuda

With St. George, Bermuda as a port of call on your cruise, you can expect a variety of different excursions that include water adventures or a casual tour to embrace the beauty of the island. What every visitor must embrace is the looming Gothic history of St. George and the island of Bermuda as it is liberally spread in local architecture. Like many islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda has a rich history that parallels its beauty. By visiting one or all of the following landmarks, you are certain to gain a central piece of the local culture and history.

Royal Navy Dockyard

Begin your tour of the island by visiting the Royal Navy Dockyard. Surrounded by a border wall with Gothic arches, the Royal Navy Dockyard was the operational base for the Royal Navy in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. History buffs visiting the Dockyard can experience artifacts of the different wars when the port was in militant operations. The Royal Navy Dockyard is still a vibrant area rich in Bermudan history, but it has moved on from a military base to a commercial port. While touring the grounds, visitors have access to local Bermudan restaurants and shopping with the Clocktower Mall on the grounds of the Royal Navy Dockyard.

St. George Bermuda

Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda

Visit the Unfinished Church

A vision of Gothic architecture, the Unfinished Church found in central St. George gives an essence of the gothic history that surrounded the island in the late nineteenth century. With construction beginning in 1874, the Unfinished Church was planned to be the new site of the St. Peter’s Church, which suffered significant damage due to a natural disaster that surfaced on the island. Indecisiveness and confusion prevented the completion of the Church, but not before its Gothic architecture was brought to life through the arches, columns, and foundation. A visit to the Unfinished Church completes an onshore excursion and is free of charge, making it a must visit while stretching your sea legs in St. George.

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Bermuda Cathedral

A few miles down the island from the Unfinished Church is the Bermuda Cathedral or the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity and a completed structure in Gothic architecture. The initial foundation for the Church was built in 1844, and due to delays from funding and weather, was restarted in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The structure includes gothic features such as large glass windows and columns that are clustered. Services are offered daily in the completed Church, and visitors are always welcome to tour the grounds.

Experience Gothic Bermuda

St. George and the island of Bermuda has numerous experiences to offer visitors when their cruise ship ports and the visitors venture to the island. The Gothic history of the island gives visitors a piece of history that is blended between European, American, and island cultures. The diversity creates a culture that is unique. While visiting St. George and Bermuda on your next visit, be sure to appreciate one of the Gothic landmarks on your way into the city or on your way back to the ship.

-Kasey T.

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