The Best Place to Get Breakfast in Seattle Before You Cruise

A cruise is a fantastic way to see the sights of Puget Sound or extend a vacation on the water to more distant locales. While you’ve packed your luggage and are awaiting those famous cruise ship buffets, you’ll still need time to grab breakfast before you go. Fortunately, this city known for its morning coffee also offers many diverse and delicious breakfast options near the waterfront. Check out some of these favorites before you set sail.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Yes, it’s true that a Starbucks isn’t hard to find in most corners of Seattle, but the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Capitol Hill is something special. Open daily at 7 am, this coffee haven is just nine blocks uphill from Pike Place Market.  The Roastery isn’t just a means to caffeine, but an experience in itself. The coffee menu doesn’t stop at Frappucinos but instead offers tasting comparisons and even “coffee flights” to taste the subtleties of different brews. Try the Siphon Flight at the Experience Bar. There are many Roastery exclusive offerings in gift and art to start your souvenir shopping and don’t forget the food. Just like the coffee, the bakery at this eatery kicks it up a notch too. Sample from the many pastries and breakfast offerings available.

Cafe Hitchcock

Located on 1st Avenue just a hop from the ferry docks, this historic location is a must-stop breakfast venue too. Order online to save time as you enjoy one of the many egg dishes or a tartine featuring Sea Wolf sourdough. In addition to breakfast and standard coffee fare, this venue is a standout for it’s many plant-based smoothies and wellness drinks. Try the Dirty Hippie featuring Organic Caffe Vita espresso, Rishi organic Chai tea, Black Magic Alchemy Chaga Root Beer tonic, and steamed milk. If you’re running a little late – don’t worry, they serve lunch too.

Interested in two organic eggs, house harissa, plum tomatoes, caramelized onions, with tasty herbs and crunchy sourdough? Yum.

Breakfast Seattle

There’s no such thing as ordinary breakfast at Cafe Hitchcock | Photo: Cafe Hitchcock/Facebook

The Athenian

Located in the heart of Pike Place Market, this waterfront location is an old school Seattle staple. In fact, cruise-goers may recognize the front from its role in the movie classic Sleepless in Seattle, where chairs are still marked showing where Tom Hanks sat while filming. While there are many tasty breakfast classics available, don’t miss the dishes The Athenian is known for – seafood. Try the smoked salmon Benedict featuring smoked salmon from the Pure Foods Fish market drizzled in hollandaise.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a must-see for anyone visiting Seattle

Biscuit What!?

In a name sure to draw attention, Biscuit B*tch (Editor’s Note: yes, the name is a curse word) is a sassy Seattle classic where the attitude carries through the door.  A local, woman-owned business, this carb-based model hopes to treat everyone like an unassuming Southern family – both mouthy and loving at the same time. You can enjoy either their Belltown or Pioneer Square locations for one heck of a biscuit. If you’re a fan of the sassy and savory, choose from selections including the Smokin Hot, the Easy*, and the Hot Mess.

Breakfast in Seattle

When at Biscuit B*itch, try the biscuits | Photo: Biscuit B*itch/Facebook

When you cruise from Seattle, you’ll enjoy the sights – but don’t forget breakfast on the Sound, too.

Kate Hagan Gallup is a mom, wife, writer, digital strategist, and geek located in West Seattle. A UW grad, she loves writing about all things local from food to fun.