Six Viking Longships Christened in Amsterdam |Cruise News – March 2, 2016

Six Viking Longships Christened in Amsterdam

Cruise News – Mar. 2, 2016

Viking River Cruises, just two years after setting a Guinness World Record for the most ships launched in a single day, yesterday celebrated a simultaneous christening of six new river vessels.

The event honored six travel-industry partners as godmothers for the new ships:VIKING CHRISTENING 2016-7531

  • Lisa Anciaux, director of travel products for AAA Washington, godmother of Viking Rolf,
  • Beth Butzlaff, managing director of cruise sales for Virtuoso, godmother of Viking Kadlin,
  • Michelle Chimko, chief operating officer of Alberta Motor Association, godmother of Viking Alruna,
  • Jennifer Gasser, vice president of supplier relations and product operations for World Travel Holdings, godmother of Viking Egil,.
  • Beryl Gibson, joint owner of Northumbria Travel Limited, godmother of Viking Vilhjalm, and
  • Sinead O’Connell, director of industry relations for, godmother of Viking Tialfi.

Four of the new ships will sail on the popular Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers, two will sail on the Seine River.

Later this month, a seventh, specially designed Viking Longship, Viking Osfrid, will launch on Portugal’s Douro River. Next month, Viking Ocean Cruises is slated to launch a second ocean-going ship, Viking Sea.

Photos: Viking River Cruises

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