San Juan’s Best Shore Excursion: Casa BACARDÍ

Great views of Old San Juan and the fort, refreshing cocktails, great music, friendly people and the largest premium rum distillery in the world.  The gorgeous island of Puerto Rico is a cruiser’s paradise and Casa BACARDÍ is the perfect place for cruise visitors!

Puerto Rico is known as the rum capital of the world and BACARDÍ is the most iconic brand of  them all. Considered one of the top two attractions in Puerto Rico, this rum paradise is located right across the bay of San Juan and offers hourly tours with several experiences to choose from.

Three main tours are available to visitors: the Historical Tour, where you learn about the history of rum-making and the brand as well as enjoy a guided tour of this massive facility that produces over 125,000 liters of rum every day; the Rum Tasting tour where guests enjoy a guided comparative tasting ofBACARDÍ’s signature rums, and the Mixology Class where guests learn how to make some of the most famous BACARDÍ cocktails known and loved all over the world. There are also VIP tours available for smaller groups via special arrangements that go more in-depth into the actual distilling facility and include a visit to the ageing warehouses and other behind-the-scenes areas.

Most tours last between 45-90 minutes, but plan of arriving early to enjoy your welcome cocktail and staying after to enjoy the store and stunning views.   


Casa BACARDÍ tours | Photo: Casa BACARDÍ

Casa BACARDÍ Historical Tour

When Don Facundo Bacardi Masso distilled the first batch of BACARDÍ rum in 1862, he laid the foundation for more than just a great spirit. He cultivated a legacy more than 150 years in the making, one that’s been passed down through five generations of the Bacardi family. Today, the distillery is as productive as ever and guests are invited to take the historical tour to witness firsthand how important rum and the BACARDÍ name are to the island of Puerto Rico.

Guests learn how the first barrels of BACARDÍ were made and compare it to the modern process of today which produces millions of liters of rum each year. What makes BACARDÍ so distinct is the use of molasses as the basis for the spirit, finished with an undisturbed aging process in bourbon barrels – the sun, ocean and the Island’s perfect climate for ageing rum takes care of the rest.

BACARDÍ Rum Tasting

After you’ve learned the ins-and-outs of rum making, it’s time for the fun part; tasting! A tasting tour at Casa BACARDÍ is one of the most popular tours as guests are invited to compare and contrast the many premium rums made at the factory.

Some of BACARDÍ’s most popular rum varieties include:

  • Carta Blanca
  • Añejo Cuatro
  • Reserva Ocho
  • Gran Reserva Diez
  • Gran Reserva Limitada

While most know BACARDÍ Superior, there are several other premium rums produced in this facility that are unique from one another. Guests try six different BACARDÍ rums, including all the liquids mentioned above in addition to the BACARDÍ Special Reserve, a rum found exclusively at Casa BACARDÍ.

BACARDÍ Mixology Class

Everybody loves a classic Cuba Libre (BACARDÍ and Cola), but there are plenty of other fantastic cocktails made with BACARDÍ rum. As with all tours, you start with a welcome cocktail then find yourself behind the bar mixing up your own concoctions. You will learn how to prepare three of BACARDÍ’s most popular cocktails. A certified BACARDÍ Brand Specialist takes you through the process of pouring, mixing, muddling and more as they teach you how to craft the perfect cocktail. By the end of the tour, you will know how to prepare the perfect BACARDÍ mojito with fresh lime and mint and take your next get-together with friends to the next level!

You can even bottle your own rum and take it with you as a souvenir to enjoy with friends and family. Before you leave, make sure you stop by the Waterfront Bat Bar Pavilion where you will find a huge selection of rum drinks made by professional BACARDÍ mixologists.

A port of call in San Juan, Puerto Rico isn’t complete without visiting Casa BACARDÍ. The next time you’re in San Juan, Casa BACARDÍ is waiting!

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