Porthole Cruise and Travel Partners with GoTraveler for The Porthole Cruise and Travel Show

Porthole Cruise and Travel, the leading cruise and travel magazine, has partnered with GoTraveler to launch its latest series, The Porthole Cruise and Travel Show. Hosted by Bill Panoff, publisher of Porthole Cruise and Travel, each episode of the show takes viewers on a virtual journey to captivating destinations around the world.

Today, GoTraveler has released 10 more exciting episodes, allowing viewers to embark on virtual adventures to diverse destinations from their homes. From exploring iconic landmarks in popular destinations to uncovering hidden gems off the beaten path, get ready to see the world like never before.

This incredible partnership ensures that The Porthole Cruise and Travel Show reaches a wide audience of travel enthusiasts, as GoTraveler is distributed on platforms such as Vizio, LG, Samsung, Xumo, Google TV, Roku, Sling, Amazon Freevee, Fire TV, Plex, TCL, Redbox, Apple TV, Android TV, Skyworth, and VIDAA.

This collaboration between Porthole Cruise and Travel and GoTraveler aims to inspire, educate, and entertain travel enthusiasts with high-quality insights, captivating narratives, and breathtaking visuals. Gain insider knowledge and discover new destinations that will fuel your desire to plan future adventures.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the world as The Porthole Cruise and Travel Show takes you on a virtual adventure. Stay tuned for more gripping episodes and valuable travel tips that will leave you yearning for your next journey.