Porthole 251 - diagonal grid of herb-infused white candles from Queer Candle Co.

Style & Design: MADE with PRIDE

What we love, by people who love what they are.

Everyone’s got a reason to be proud, and Porthole’s proud to help these creators represent. We always showcase the most stylish designs from all kinds of makers’ brands, but this issue, we’re sharing the pride with LGBTQIA+-owned, native and indigenous-owned, and Black woman-owned studios.



Suay is Thai for “beautiful.”

Porthole 251 - A colorful pile of Suay Sew Shop pillows on a low seat or table. This L.A.-based studio specializes in remade, upcycled, or naturally grown textiles for clothing, home goods, or custom upholstery. All products are handmade at their facility, from “a combination of post-consumer waste, deadstock and domestically, organically grown fibers,” assembled with the skill and taste to make every unique item beautiful, in all its stripes, panels, textures and colors. Pride Pillows like these come in Lumbar (14″ x 26″) or Square Throw (24″ x 24″) sizes, and a veritable rainbow of looks. You can even buy just the covers to remake your own pillows at home!


This Philly-and-Brooklyn-based firm features soy-based, non-toxic fragrances decorated with a representation of the scent, from herbs to minerals to dried fruit, and donates 10 percent of profits to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.


A “gender-free” clothing line based in L.A. (but with a “heart beating to the drums of the big city of New York”), Stuzo is the work of African-Panamanian Renaissance woman Stoney Michelli Love. All her designs make a statement, with many featuring the company logo, a crown (because sometimes, you’ve got to wear one of your own). Looks range from tailored pants suitable for an elegant affair to casual crop tops, “Woman Up” tanks, and this Black Magic Mashup Sweater Set, bringing together yellow and black in a combo that grabs attention every which way.


This San Francisco studio believes speaking up should be fun, with cute stickers, pins, lighters, jewelry, and clothing all inspired by the words of Toni Cade Bambarayou: “The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.”

Native and Indigenous-owned


Siblings Rico and Crystal Worl, of Tlingit and Athabascan heritage, founded this studio as a way to preserve artistic traditions — like 4,000-year-old Northwest Coast formline artwork — in 21st-century creative products — like lightsaber T-shirts, laser-cut alderwood pendants, greeting cards based on Rico’s 2021 “Raven Story” postage stamp design, and numbered art-prints depicting the wolf and moon (below).Porthole 251 - a geometric print of a red wolf in Pacific Northwest native geometric style crouching under the white circle of the moon before the blue field of the sky and a curving azure line like the slope of a mountain, bisecting the frame. Some of its earliest designs were for skateboard decks and sports gear, and today, as part of the Haa Aaní Alliance of purpose-driven mountain brands, they’ve added goggles, skis, snowboards, socks, and accessories — and donate a portion of proceeds to salmon conservation.


Bethany Yellowtail is a citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and a corporate fashion veteran with a keen eye for magical accents. Her Four Directions Wool Jacket is lined with affirmations, the Power Suit Wide Leg Ribbon Pant is emblazoned with the colors of the cardinal directions, and even notions like the Crow Stripe Satin Ribbon (above) invite you to create your own look. 


Carry tradition forward to the future with luxury beaded cuffs handcrafted on a traditional loom by Diné Navajo artisans. The RED Collection honors feminine strength with coral-colored glass beads over leather lining with adjustable copper inlay — all materials locally sourced from New Mexico.

Black woman-owned


Hear ye, hear ye! Justice can be served hot, cold, sweet, and savory thanks to this “social mission in a culinary art form.” The Chicago-based firm offers delicious delivery as well as workshops for elementary-aged children from lower-income communities teaching creativity, cooking skills, and nutritional development. Bakery founder Maya-Camille Broussard has….

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