Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises Expands Booking Confidence Program

One of the world’s foremost luxury cruise lines is giving their guests the confidence to book a cruise vacation with an updated booking confidence program. Crystal Cruises new Crystal Confidence 2.0 now offers extended no-money-down deposits until January 5, 2021 for new and existing bookings.

In conjunction with the high-end cruise line’s Easy Book program, deposits are now just 15% of the total cost, down from 25% previously and no administration fees at all. For cruises leaving through the end of April 2021, a guest’s final payment has been eased to 60-days prior to first date of service.

The Crystal Confidence 2.0 and Easy Book programs can be applied to all 2021-2024 sailings aboard Crystal’s entire cruise vacation enterprise, including Crystal Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises and Crystal Expedition Cruises. With three years worth of cruises to choose from, you can book now with confidence that your future cruise will happen, and if not, that you’ll be protected. 

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Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing and sales Carmen Roig explained that while guests want to sail, there is still trepidation surrounding the travel industry. 

“We know that, while our guests are eager to go explore the world again, many are still cautious when it comes to planning future travels. We want to be sensitive to this sentiment, while also encouraging them to book the journeys they are so looking forward to,” said Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing and sales, Carmen Roig. “Crystal has always specialized in the luxuries that matter most to our guests, and flexibility and peace of mind are a luxury that travelers want the most right now.”

Crystal Clean+

Like most cruise lines, Crystal Cruises has a revamped cleaning and health protocol for their fleet of river, ocean and expedition ships. The cruise line is in full compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) when it comes to on board standards for health and safety of all passengers. As stated in their press release, guest safety is the single most important priority for the team at Crystal Cruises. 

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