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Cruise Control | 12 Secret Tips for MSC Seaside (Video)

Porthole Cruise Magazine’s review team set sail on MSC’s newest ship, MSC Seaside. What they found might surprise you! Here are a few tips to making the most out of your first day aboard:

  1. ARRIVAL: Avoid the early-bird rush by arriving between 1p.m. and 4p.m.
  2. LUGGAGE: Travel light and pack the necessities. If you can fit everything into a carry-on, you can roll it on to the ship and not have to wait until after dinner to see your luggage.
  3. KIDS’ WRISTBANDS: Be sure to get kids’ wristbands on Deck 18 first thing, so you can track them. The kids’ wristbands are thicker than the adult ones and harder to remove – for good reason.
  4. ADULT WRISTBANDS: Treat yourself to an adult wristband, too! It’ll make your vacation even more enjoyable without the hassle of having to carry around your room key-card.
  5. CREDIT CARD: Be sure to add your credit card to your account at the machine next the front desk after you get your wristbands. It may be difficult to add later.
  6. INSTALL THE APP: MSC Seaside’s app, MSC for Me, is a must use onboard the ship. Download before you lose cellular coverage. Put your phone in airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (so you can track your location and your kids around the ship). If it installs in Italian, put your booking number in the first field, your last name in the second field to log in, then tap the bottom-right button, then the ‘gear’ button and change language to English.
  7. ACTIVATE WIFI: If it’s not in your package, buy it! You’re on vacation, so make it enjoyable and communicate with your family.
  8. MAKE SHOW RESERVATIONS: Go to a touchscreen display board anywhere on MSC Seaside and reserve your shows.
  9. FIRST DINNER: Show up on time to your first dinner in the main restaurant so you can meet your wait staff and inform them of your special needs, if any. There’s no “embarkation party” like on other lines, so you’ll go to dinner as normal.
  10. PHOTO PASS: Try to purchase this before you arrive on the ship – it’s less expensive. You can also get the pass on board. It gives you full digital access to ALL photos of you and your cabinmates taken during the cruise.
  11. COFFEE: If you are an early riser, you need that morning joe! To get coffee, dial 99 and ask that it be sent to your room if breakfast is not open yet.
  12. ELEVATORS: MSC Seaside holds just over 5,000 passengers and has 10 elevators. I suggest ditching the wait at the elevator, and using the stairs.

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