Cruise Challenge: Can You Go Without Spending a Dime aBoard?

Are you ready to test your frugality skills and see if you can survive a week-long cruise without breaking the bank? In this article, we’ll share some valuable tips on how to make the most of your cruise experience without overspending. 

Packing Smart

Packaging smart is one of the easiest ways to save money on a cruise. Bring essentials like sunscreen, toiletries, and comfortable clothing to minimize your need for onboard purchases. Consider packing a reusable water bottle and coffee mug to avoid buying bottled water and coffee every day.

Research Onboard Amenities

Before your cruise, research your ship’s onboard amenities and activities. Many cruise lines offer free entertainment options, such as live music, comedy shows, fitness classes, and spa services. Take advantage of these free activities to save money and maximize your time on board.

Take Advantage of Port Days

Port days are a great opportunity to explore local markets and beaches, where you can often find free samples and tastings. Consider taking a self-guided tour or joining a free walking tour offered by the cruise line to get a taste of the local culture.

Eat Smart

Eating can be one of the biggest expenses on a cruise. Consider eating at the buffet or in the ship’s main dining room instead of at specialty restaurants. There are so many complimentary dining experiences aboard that you do not need to spend money on extra experiences. 

Use Your Cruise Line’s Loyalty Program

Many cruise lines offer loyalty programs that reward passengers for frequent purchases. Make sure to sign up for the program and earn points for every purchase you make on board.

Take Advantage of Free Perks

Some cruise lines offer free perks like wine tastings, trivia sessions, and live music performances. Take advantage of these free activities to save money and make the most of your time on board.

By following these tips, you can survive a week-long cruise without breaking the bank. Remember to pack smart, research onboard amenities, take advantage of port days, eat smart, use your cruise line’s loyalty program, and take advantage of free perks. With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy a stress-free and affordable cruise experience.