Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Review

Celebrity Edge Crew Gets the Chance to Cruise like Guests

The news that thousands of cruisers would have their vacations cancelled over the next 30 to 60 days sent shockwaves around the travel industry and rightfully so. Most people plan their cruise vacation for months, if not years in advance and to have to cancel at the last minute was a devastating blow. 

Obviously the health and wellness of passengers is a top priority for every cruise line, but one thing that’s been forgotten in the midst of this crisis is the loyal crew who make your cruise vacation possible. With their ships dormant for 30 days, Celebrity Cruises and the Captain of Celebrity Edge Kate McCue decided to make the most of it, announcing that for the time being, all 1,300 crew on board would be staying in a balcony stateroom. 

Celebrity Edge

The crew of Celebrity Edge will stay in balcony staterooms | Photo: Celebrity Cruises

Captain Kate Showing her Leadership 

Standing on stage in front of a full audience of officers, stateroom attendants, restaurant employees and more, Captain McCue made the announcement to a rousing chorus of applause. 


Calling Celebrity Edge Home 

Cruise ship employees are some of the hardest working in the hospitality industry as they don’t have the option to go home at the end of the day. When you live on board the ship, it’s kind of like a doctor being on call at all times.

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These employees are from all over the world and often spend months away from the people they love. With the uncertainty regarding the Coronavirus affecting people from across the globe, it’s safe to say that being on board the ship now can’t be easy. While communication is possible, there’s still plenty of worry about whether your family is safe and healthy. 

Celebrity Edge

A stateroom on Celebrity Edge | Photo: Celebrity Cruises

There’s still plenty of work to be done even without guests on board, but getting the chance to live like a guest for a few weeks is a well deserved reward for all their hard work.