Carnival Helping At-Risk Teens Through the Power of Music

The entertainment team at Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the best in the business when it comes to singing, dancing and telling great jokes to guests aboard their ships. However, the team recently took to land for a day to partner with a program called Guitars Over Guns, a non-profit mentoring program which encourages at-risk teens to express themselves via music and to avoid violence.

Guitars Over Guns Youth Ambassadors

The program, founded in 2008, collaborates with schools in the Miami area and helps young adults who may not be making the best decisions for their future. The entertainment team at Carnival heard about the Guitars Over Guns program and decided to host the organizers and kids for a workshop at the Carnival rehearsal studios in Davie, FL. The studio is where Carnival’s team practices their performances and gets them ready for the high seas. 

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During the workshop, conducted by members of Carnival’s entertainment team including singers and musicians, teens got a first-hand look at musical, technical and backstage career opportunities with interactive seminars, jam sessions and presentations intended to inspire and motivate. The day came to an end with a musical showcase featuring the Guitars Over Guns youth ambassadors.

Carnival Gives Gift of Music

The generosity of Carnival and the entertainment team didn’t stop there. Along with donating their time, Carnival also gifted five baby grand pianos, drum sets, keyboards, amps, and more so at-risk youth across South Florida have a chance to let music become a positive force in their life.

If you’d like to learn more about helping at-risk teenagers through the power of music, please visit the Guitars Over Guns website.

— Evan Gove