Adventures For A Lifetime: 6 Reasons To Cruise

Are you looking for a new way to travel the world? Do you want a vacation tailored to your interests? From a variety of itineraries to unending onboard activities, cruises have something for everyone. In this blog, I will share six reasons why your next vacation should be on a cruise!

Tailored Vacation


Accessible Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Extended Veranda: Photo by Disney Cruise Line 

Cruises offer a tailored vacation package. Guests can select from an array of destinations ranging from the Caribbean to Australia and many more. Additionally, cruises to specific destinations can be sorted by price, date of departure, and duration, allowing guests to select the best fit for them. Once the cruise is selected, guests can choose their stateroom, which is where guests will sleep during their cruise. Stateroom options vary by cruise ship and line, but every cruise line ensures that there are accessible staterooms for those with mobility issues. For example, Disney Dream has four main types of staterooms, ranging from concierge staterooms, which include a large private verandah and amenities, among other services, to the standard stateroom, which includes only a motif and mirror. Additionally, for guests’ special requirements (e.g. accessibility, dietary, holiday, etc), most cruise lines tell guests to complete a Special Needs / Special Request Form, so that the onboard crew can best accommodate the needs of all passengers. 

Many in One

Tel Aviv ( Haifa) Israel: Photo by Norwegian Cruise Line

Every cruise itinerary has multiple ports, sometimes in different cities and other times in different countries, allowing guests to explore the world in one trip. For someone who is adventurous and likes to travel, but wants to avoid going on multiple trips, a cruise is a wonderful way to explore the world in only a few days. For example, Norwegian Cruise Line’s 10-day Greece, Turkey, and Egypt cruise onboard Norwegian Gem, takes guests to different cities in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt in less than two weeks, allowing guests to explore a variety of cultures in one, relatively short trip.

Endless Onboard Activities

Photo by Royal Caribbean

From skydiving simulators and waterparks to cultural evenings and outdoor movie nights, cruise ships have plenty of activities. Several cruise ships have clubs for children based on their age and interests, with activities ranging from socializing to trying out new skills such as rock climbing and other themed activities. Sailing during the holiday season brings special dinners and a wide range of festive activities, from costume parties to singing carols and visits from Santa. There will be plenty of new experiences, no matter which cruise you choose.

Opportunities to Make New Friends

Photo by Azamara Cruises

Traveling solo, but want to find new people to talk to? Cruise ships are a great way to interact with others and make new friends. From trivia nights to casinos and bars, cruise ships allow people to intermingle and meet each other.  Unlike other forms of transportation, cruises last for several days, allowing more time for people to get to know each other. Since people from around the world go on cruise ships, they are great opportunities to meet people from different cultures and walks of life. Making friends onboard can enrich your cruise experience or, at the very least, give you someone to talk to when you want a quieter evening onboard.

Delight Your Tastebuds

Blue Iguana Cantina Restaurant: Photo by Carnival Cruises

Delight your taste buds onboard any cruise ship with the multiple dining options included in your cruise package. From pizzas and burgers to noodle bars and authentic Japanese cuisine, cruise lines have a range of dining options to suit everyone’s preferences. Most of the dining choices are included in the price of your cruise but there are options to pay for more specialized cuisine. For those with special dietary requirements, inform the cruise line ahead of time for better accommodations. At the different ports, guests will enjoy flavors around the world, with stops at local restaurants and market places. 

Learn from the Best

Photo by Royal Caribbean

If you want  to enrich your knowledge while on vacation, you should sail on one of the  many cruises  that offer guest lectures onboard. Pearl Seas Cruise has onboard naturalists and historians on every cruise, while others have guest lecturers ranging from historians to archaeological experts onboard selected cruises. For those who love learning, guest lectures provide ample opportunities to hear about a range of topics from history to technology and politics.

Photo by Silverseas Cruises

As you can see, cruises offer a variety of experiences and benefits to people looking to travel the world.  From a range of onboard activities to fine dining and opportunities to make friends, cruises offer something for everyone. Will you be embarking on a cruise for your next holiday? Let us know in the comments!

by Kashaf Rashid