Why Does Bill W. Have so Many Friends on a Cruise?

The first day on a cruise ship is nothing but pure, unadulterated bliss. All you need is a deck chair, a great book and a pair of sunglasses to get your vacation off on the right foot. If you’re one to check out the daily program schedule each day, you might notice things like the Jones Family Reunion at the lounge on deck 10 or cooking classes with the chef in the galley. You might also notice something you might not understand, a meeting for “Friends of Bill W.”

Who is Bill W. and why does he have a meeting for his friends on board most cruise ships? Read on and find out!

Cruising with Bill W.

William Wilson, also known as Bill W., was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, an international recovery network aimed at helping people who struggle with alcohol use and abuse. While people can take a vacation from their jobs and daily lives, they can’t take a vacation from the recovery process. Going on a cruise may be a concerning prospect for some as alcohol is prominent on board and without meetings like at home, resisting the urge to drink can be challenging.

People from all walks of life, particularly those battling substance abuse, are encouraged to attend meetings and everyone is made to feel welcome no matter what their situation. Having a support system on a cruise can be a big help for someone who wants to keep their recovery going while on a vacation.

Friends of Bill W. meetings on board a cruise ship help to connect people who may be in a similar situation. Support can come from anywhere, even people on your cruise vacation!