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The Ultimate Pre-Cruise Wellness Day in Los Angeles

While a cruise is good for the soul, there’s a chance you may overindulge when on vacation. Buffets will call your name, begging for that extra helping, or you might want to try each different drink with an umbrella as you sit oceanside in the sun. It’s your vacation after all, and you deserve to have a little fun, but the last thing you want is to start feeling ill afterward. What better way to prepare, than a wellness day in LA?

Clean, Green Beauty

Cruising can be harsh on your skin. Stock up on some clean, green beauty supplies at stores like the Detox Market. You’ll want a moisturizer for after a swim, and chemical-free sunscreen for everyday use. Don’t forget hair products, beauty accessories, and even a calming facial mask. Stocking up on quality supplies is an especially good idea if you had to leave some favorites at home for air travel – simply ship these back when you’re done. The Detox Market only offers products that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly and does not provide items that promote harmful toxins or health-damaging chemicals.

B-12 Booster

Stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep (all things that can happen on vacation) can affect your B-12 levels. Vitamin B-12 is a nutrient that keeps your blood cells healthy, preventing symptoms like fatigue, constipation, and weakness. Fortunately, you can get a booster shot to help make your vacation-ready in minutes. Sarah Murphy, ND of Realize a Healthy California describes the benefits of a shot over a standard pill. “The best form of B12 is called methylcobalamin. It is the active form of the vitamin so the body can use it immediately. Vitamin injections are stronger and work faster than oral vitamin supplements sending 100% of the vitamin dosage into your bloodstream to circulate throughout the whole body.”

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Mindful Meditation

It’s likely been chaotic getting ready for your cruise. Take a break to visit the Self Realization Lake Shrine. A temple, shrine, and meditation garden in one, this lakeside setting practices the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. According to the group, “All are welcome.” There is no charge to visit the Lake Shrine, although there are purchasable amenities on site. Located in Pacific Palisades off Sunset Blvd, this sanctuary offers one thing that is hard to find in cities or crowds — the gift of silence. Enjoy your trip by taking a moment to quietly reflect.

Your cruise is sure to be fabulous, but it can be even more enjoyable if you take a moment to care for yourself first. Add wellness to your vacation list with healthy products for self-care, vital nutrition for your energy and immunity, and a moment of peace before the excitement begins. Los Angeles is the perfect place to take a break before your cruise begins.

Kate Hagan Gallup is a mom, wife, writer, digital strategist, and geek located in West Seattle. A UW grad, she loves writing about all things local from food to fun. 

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