A brand new, invitation-only experience from Princess Cruises will soon be able to transport their guests to the Mediterranean, regardless of where they’re actually sailing. Princess Cruises promises the newly revealed nightly experience will engage all of the senses, with tastes, sounds, sights, touches, and fragrances of the Mediterranean. Now available onboard Discovery Princess and coming soon to Enchanted Princess in January of 2023, the hands-on “360: An Extraordinary Experience” is the cruise line’s most immersive experience to date. 

With the “360: An Extraordinary Experience,” guests booked in suites onboard Discovery Princess are invited to take part in a six senses journey highlighting the hilltops of Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, and Provence. Through descriptive storytelling, imagery, scents, cuisine, music, and visual film, guests are introduced to artisans, local ingredients, passionate purveyors, and culinary techniques including a seven-course gourmet experience featuring wines that emerge from a story of each individual destination. 

“360 is a fusion of master storytelling, world-class cuisine, visual entertainment and ground-breaking technology that manifests in what can only be described as an Extraordinary Experience,” said Princess President John Padgett. “360 is a remarkable adventure that immerses our guests into the compelling cultures and flavors of the Mediterranean in a 90-minute celebration of the senses.”

Offering two experiences nightly, the circular venue complete with LED walls can accommodate twenty guests and transport passengers into featured destinations by way of groundbreaking 4k cinematography. The Mediterranean takes center stage as guests listen to descriptive memories of a fellow traveler, while she relives her adventures and local connections made in each destination. 

About 360: An Extraordinary Experience

“360: An Extraordinary Experience” is customizable and adaptable, with the Mediterranean currently taking the spotlight. The venue is easily able to be personalized thanks to OCEAN, the Internet of Things platform that powers the exclusive MedallionClass on all Princess ships. In addition, each guest taking part in the experience will receive a unique and limited edition “360” Princess Medallion, only available to guests participating in the Extraordinary Experience. 

Popular actress and supermodel, Brooke Shields, is the voice of Bethany, the voyager who takes guests on a sensory journey by describing her own memories in the Mediterranean. Known for her film, television, and modeling career, Shields’ latest successful entrepreneurial project, Beginning is Now, is a global digital platform and brand inspiring women over the age of 40 to live their lives to the fullest. 


An unforgettable and priceless experience, “360” is now available exclusively for guests booked in suite accommodations onboard Discovery Princess and coming soon for guests in suites aboard Enchanted Princess. Folks can also take part in the experience if they are sailing on Discovery Princess or Enchanted Princess and book a future cruise with suite accommodations on any Princess ship, including Princess Premier, at non-cancelable rates. Invitation access may also be gained from participation in specific “VIP” casino gaming and retail event sailings. 

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Colleen Devaney is a contributing writer for Porthole Cruise and Travel. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Film & Television from The University of Arizona. She enjoys spending time with family, traveling the world and playing with her dogs, Bailey, Rocky & Lady.