Family Reunion Cruise

Planning a Family Reunion? Take a Cruise!

If you are thinking of planning a family reunion, there is truly no better place to have it than on a cruise! Not only is having your get together on a fun-filled cruise ship an amazing adventure, but it also offers a stress-free alternative for family fun where no one has to organize or clean up!

Cruises are also great for family reunions because they offer a variety of options for family members of all ages for that will keep everyone entertained while in port and while at sea. Combine this with unlimited, delicious, gourmet food; exceptional dining and room service; and superior accommodations – and you have the perfect setting for a memorable family reunion.

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In addition to these amazing perks, here are some of the top reasons to have your family reunion on a cruise ship and leave the planning to the experts!

5 Reasons to Have Your Family Reunion on a Cruise

  1. Save Big on Staterooms with Group Discounts – While the number of booked staterooms needed to qualify for the group rate is different with each cruise line, these discounts are offered by most, along with some extra goodies and perks for your family reunion at sea.
  2. Entertainment for the Younger Folks – There is so much for toddlers, kids, and teens to do during a family reunion on a cruise. Most cruise lines have their own supervised recreation programs created just for kids. From days at the pool and planned creative activities for the younger children to teen night clubs and themed events for teens; kids love the fun-filled activities created just for them.
  3. Share an Adventure – Instead of a boring afternoon picnic during a typical family reunion, a cruise allows you to share an adventure with your relatives. Cruises offer shore excursion opportunities that allow guests to engage in exciting activities like ziplining, touring exotic ports, shopping and cultural adventures, water sports, and more! Exciting adventures await for your family on cruise ship shore excursions.
  4. Something for Everyone – Cruising truly offers something everyone will love, which is why it is perfect for a family reunion. Family members can enjoy their own type of fun, or something new, and share it with the others when they get together later. From tots and teens to great aunts and grandpas – everyone at the family reunion will love cruising.
  5. All-Inclusive Means Budget-Friendly – Since no one has to think twice about who is picking up the tab for dinner or entertainment for the group, a cruise makes an excellent choice for your family reunion. All of your meals, shipboard activities, live entertainment, and even some beverages are included in the cost of each family member’s ticket, making it a budget buddy for your whole family.

Plan your next family reunion on your favorite cruise line and sail away to a tropical island, scenic port, or bucket list destination and create unforgettable memories with your family to cherish forever!