Five Faves: Don’t Miss This Kiss

Porthole‘s Five Faves

Don’t Miss This Kiss

Five places to sneak a smooch on a cruise

We began our courtship on a cruise ship, dancing salsa outdoors on a warm Caribbean night aboard Oceania Marina. As two travel writers, we actually “dated” on cruises to Europe, Asia, Alaska, the Caribbean, and South America. And, most recently, we got married on a cruise ship — with an at-sea ceremony aboard Regal Princess, somewhere off the coast of the Bahamas. So we have some familiarity with shipboard romance.

That being said, we bring you our five favorite places to sneak a kiss on a cruise ship.

On the Dance Floor

Whether outdoors under the stars or at the disco, to the strains of a live band in a lounge or giggling together during a dance class, being in each other’s arms is the perfect excuse for a smooch — and also an easy way to smooth things over if you step on each other’s toes.

On Your Stateroom Balcony

One advantage of having a balcony stateroom is seeing the views and feeling the ocean breezes, pretending the two of you are the only ones on the ship. Another is the ever-romantic setting that just begs for a kiss to be had. Just be aware that your space may not be totally private; your neighbors might possibly catch you canoodling.

In the Spa

A couples’ massage is a romantic experience, even with the presence of massage therapists in the room with you. Your massage tables should be close enough to see each other and at least blow each other a kiss. After the treatment, when you are both totally at ease and the therapists leave, you can glow in the aftermath and kiss for real.

Over a Meal

Book a date night by reserving a table for two at one of the ship’s intimate specialty restaurants. Set the scene by toasting each other, holding hands, and sharing a kiss before the meal even begins. Save more kisses for dessert. Another romantic option is to order room service and dine together without ever leaving the privacy of your stateroom. (We’ll leave it at that.)

IMG_1776editOn the Promenade

Hold hands and walk the promenade on a clear night, admiring the sea. Most of your fellow passengers will be indoors, trying their luck at the casino, seeing a show, or otherwise finding entertainment, so you may have the moonlight all to yourselves. Seal it with a kiss.


— Fran Golden and David Molyneaux



What are your favorite places to sneak a kiss during your cruise?

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Fran & David photo by Lynne Carpenter

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