Eco Oceans: Getting to Zero Emissions

Climate change is a hot-button topic these days and for good reason: 2020 will likely rank among the five warmest years on record, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. Fortunately, several organizations are taking urgent action to combat and prevent further impact. In 2018, the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a strategy to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from ships by at least 50 percent of 2008 levels by 2050, and eventually phase them out entirely. Considering the fact that ships have an expected life of more than 20 years, commercially operating ships in 2030 will need to be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in order to reach that 2050 target. But with so many players and stakeholders in the maritime world, is this goal technically feasible? 

Enter the Getting to Zero Coalition

In line with the IMO’s strategy, the Getting to Zero Coalition is an alliance of maritime organizations that are committed to getting commercially viable ZEVs into operation by 2030. Among more than 80 members is Carnival Corporation — the first cruise company to join the global alliance. With nine global cruise brands, Carnival Corp. is also the largest cruise company in the world, serving more than 12 million passengers a year.

“The health and vitality of our oceans and seas, along with the hundreds of communities we visit across the globe, are absolutely essential to our business,” said Tom Strang, senior vice president of maritime affairs for Carnival Corporation. “We have a deep commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and consistently exceeding guest expectations, and being an active part of the Getting to Zero Coalition is another important step for the environment.”

In the past, the cruise industry has come under fire for its negative environmental impacts, but recent trends in sustainable expedition cruising, bans on single-use plastics on board, and advanced waste water treatment systems indicate proactive, ongoing steps in the right direction.

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