Do You Call It a Ship or a Boat?

It was supposed to be a regular week in the “Cruising With Carnival” Facebook group with over 31,000 members, but Dana, a regular in the forum, didn’t get that memo.

A fellow cruiser made the mistake of calling the ship “a boat” and the calamity that ensued was Oscar-worthy drama. We laughed, we cried, we shook our heads in disbelief as the forum burned bright with opinion, insult and some fantastic humor. Dana’s assertion, that calling the ship a boat was disrespectful to avid cruisers and thus had no place in the group, did not go over well. We won’t post her original complaint as it was wholly inappropriate and rude, but the responses were hilarious! 

That got us thinking, do you really care if someone uses the wrong word for something? Do you feel disrespected by the word boat as a cruise enthusiast? Let us know in the comments below! 

Boat Vs. Ship

In an official sense, there is a difference between a boat and a ship, mainly size. The old saying goes, “a ship can carry a boat, but a boat can’t carry a ship”. Another example is ships are ocean vessels, where as boats operate on much smaller bodies of water.  Boats don’t have the navigational instruments needed to safely sail oceans for extended periods of time. You wouldn’t float your ship around a pond, would you?

The Reactions

While most chastised Dana for the rude way in which she condemned the use of “boat”, others decided to poke fun at something so trivial causing such a stir. Some people made jokes, others attempted to quell the confusion, some just shook their heads in disbelief.

Here are of the best memes and comments we saw!